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    De La Soul Shindig 2022

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    Glastonbury – West Holts – Dizzy rascal

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Rainbow Cape
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 51
Shindig Festival Tutti Frutti 2022
Shindig Festival 5 2022
Boom Town 2
Shindig Festival Tutti Frutti 2022
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 38
892017 Folio
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 50
Purbeck Main Stage
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 41
702017 Folio
Shindig Festival Crowd 3 2022
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Boom Town
832017 Folio
882017 Folio
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 40
Dan Cadell Mddy
Dan Cadell Boomtown 2017  30
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 02
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 23
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 10
Dan Cadell Saturday Web 04
Dan Cadell Boomtown 2017  7
Glaso Sunset
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Hi! I’m  Dan and I have been taking pictures since I was 6 year old..

Things have moved on since shooting on film on lovely old cameras.  As well as creating and managing websites, photography and art work for my lovely clients, I also work on photography teams at UK festivals. In 2018 I worked at Shindig Weekender, Blissfields, Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts, Boom Town Fair, Purbeck Valley Folk festival and Camp Bestival.

Like all experienced photographers, I look to bring spaces and situations to life, with high resolution bright photography but because of my experience in the graphic arts I also produce photography that lends itself to us as web banners, web galleries and images for social media – my work is always well received and is used in printed and digital media by festivals.

Thanks for reading!