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21iN (21st Century Intelligent Network) - Brand development

21iN uses a combination of the most advanced call centre management application (as used by blue chip companies) and the most advanced Tier 5 next generation telecom switching platform to provide "the-defacto" call handing solution for major global companies.

Following 2 unsatisfactory brand designs from 2 agencies (1 in London and 1 in New York) the client asked for a logo pitch to be generated quickly.

I created the brief - illustrate the cutting edge complex nature and yet simplicity of use inherent to the 21iN network using keywords; dynamic, future, modular, configurable, contemporary and state-of-the-art. The brand had to stand out from the noise, be memorable, simple, have longevity and be capable of being scaled and cropped as part of the visual framework to help elevate the 21iN concept.

From this I developed a series of logo concepts including corporate swatches. The one you see here is the agreed appropriate design (a decision reached between the board and myself). The concept is based on origami - complex in it's construction but beautifully simple. The angular and opacity overlays of the logo lends itself to be deconstructed and/or animated to help illustrate the dynamic nature of the company. A key element of disseminating this new brand.

Logos were signed off by client quickly (it ticked all the boxes) and I have thus secured the design/build of a customer facing website and any corporate literature required.

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